install netbeans 6.7 :

  1. download netbeans 6.7 di
  2. tambah permission untuk eksekusi file sh hasil download tadi
    user@computer:$ chmod +x $PATH_TO_DOWNLOAD/
  3. kemudian jalankan file tersebut
    user@computer:$ sh $PATH_TO_DOWNLOAD/
  4. ikuti petunjuk instalasi netbeans 6.7
  5. jika instalasi sukses akan tampil icon netbeans di desktop

install scala plugin di netbeans 6.7 :

  1. download pluginnya di
  2. kemudian extrak file
  3. jalankan aplikasi netbeans 6.7 dengan double click icon netbeans yang ada di desktop
  4. pilih Tools -> Plugins, klik tab Downloaded kemudian Add Plugins
  5. pilih direktori hasil extrak file tadi, kemudian pilih semua yang ada di folder tersebut
  6. klik install, tunggu beberapa saat
  7. setelah proses instalasi plugin selesai, restart netbeans

source :

One thought on “how to install netbeans 6.7 and scala plugin

  1. 5ecOh, thanks for your awsenr Paolo. Yes, I thought of everything you say, but it’s good to check that list again In fact I think I’m going to make my password even stronger (I already changed it, but I’m going to change it again to a more complex one).I don’t think I had a virus in my desktop but yes, just in case, I even re-formatted my PC and reinstalled Windows, and of course changed my password. I’ve updated my antivirus to a full internet security suite (norton) just in case. I’ve stopped logging in to my control panel from my smartphone just in case the password was stolen through it. I have done all kind of paranoic things but haven’t been able to find nothing out of the ordinary.Of course I might be wrong but I think I have ruled out all the possible causes, and if I had to bet, my money would be on some inscure script/plugin on my WP installation. Also, it has to be something easily scanned , since I think I was attacked just because I was detected as vulnerable. Anyway. I’m sending you my old infected index.php file just in case. Maybe your script already detects it, I couldn’t really check because I had already removed it from the server when I uploaded your scanner, and I don’t want to put the file on the server again just to run the test, to minimise risks.Again thanks a lot for your time awsenring my question and again thanks for sharing your work and expertise.24


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